Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Governor's Office on Pianka

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise has also posted this article on the Pianka situation. Among other interesting nuggets, it contains the following reaction from Kathy Walt, press secretary for Texas Governor Rick Perry:

The very same day TAS declared its stance, Kathy Walt, press secretary for Gov. Rick Perry, expressed disdain over what Pianka calls his “doomsday talk.” Walt called the scientist’s viewpoints “abhorrent” and likened them to Hitler’s “hate-filled Third Reich.”

Golly! Walt must really have racked her brains coming up with that comparison.

I also found this interesting:

“He praised diseases such as Ebola for being efficient killers, and he showed a slide of rows of skulls to drive home his point,” Mims wrote in one of three petition letters to TAS. “I recall that one skull had flashing red eyes and that [Pianka] expressed his views about mass death and disease in good humor.”

That's pathetic. Apparently if you are discussing Ebola it's very important constantly to furrow your brow and express your disdain for the virus. If Mims is in the audience, be careful to add, “Bad Ebola! Bad, bad Ebola!” every few sentences.


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