Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ohio Kills Lesson Plan

According to this news brief, the Ohio state school board has voted to kill a lesson plan that would have encouraged students to “critically analyze” evolution:

The state school board on Tuesday voted to eliminate a lesson plan and science standards that critics said opened the door to teaching intelligent design, a form of creationism.

The Ohio Board of Education voted 11-4 to delete material encouraging students to seek evidence for and against certain elements of evolutionary science.

The board also directed a committee to study whether a replacement lesson was needed.

The vote was a reversal of a 9-8 decision a month ago to keep the lesson plan. But three board members who voted in January to keep the plan in place were absent Tuesday, and supporters of the science material pledged to force a new vote to return the material soon.

I trust that no one is fooled by weasel language like “critically analyze evolution” or “seek evidence for and against evolution.” These circumlocutions exist solely to mask the blatantly unconsitutional motives of those who actively promote such things.

This is a developing story, so there may be more news soon. For now, though, it is a major victory for the good guys.


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