Saturday, May 07, 2005

Maybe I'm Too Hard on Cable News...

Here's Ron Reagan commenting on intelligent design at the close of his MSNBC show Connected Coast to Coast:

The state of Kansas is poised to vacate the Age of Reason. If all goes according to brain-addled plan, the Kansas school board will soon vote to water down the state’s public school science curriculum, minimizing Darwinian evolution and giving credence to a half-baked, non-scientific notion variously called “creationism” or “intelligent design.”

We dealt with the issue recently on our show and I got a little steamed, as I’m prone to do when faced with shameless lies told at the expense of innocent children. Evolution, of course, has mountains of evidence on its side—the fossil record; genetics; observations of rapidly mutating species in nature in the lab, as well as some compelling new computer models. I challenged our creationist guest to provide similar evidence for his point of view. He couldn’t... because there isn’t any. But it got me thinking: education that ignores the facts could be a lot more fun.

For instance, generations of school kids have been taught that George Washington and his troops defeated the British after crossing the Delaware River in wooden rowboats. Plenty of scholarship backs that up. But we don’t have any of the actual boats, do we? Who’s to say that Washington didn’t ditch the watercraft and instead cross the river on the backs of specially trained dinosaurs? No evidence for that - but in Kansas, we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

How about math? The diameter of a circle equals twice the radius? Nah, in my new new math, the diameter of a circle equals time to order out for pizza. Doesn’t sound like mathematical science to you? Yeah... and what’s your point?

All that’s necessary for ignorance to triumph is that people who know better step aside and get out of its way. We might want to consider that as we sit back twiddling our thumbs and playing politics while Kansas spirals into the Dark Ages, dragging its unwitting children with it.

That's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard from cable news.


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Mateo said...

That's actually a pretty good show. It's the typical liberal/conservative "yell show" except without the yelling. They actually hold articulate coherent coversations based on reason, not on who talks the loudest. And they are willing to concede points to the other side. Good show.

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you asked for actual evidence of intelligent disign?, I'm no expert but I trust Einstien, and he once said at a lecture he gave that "the deeper I delve into the mysterys of the universe the more I realise it has all been set up for us to discover." Ultimately it begs one to ask why or how could this well respected researcher accept this idea. If you will for a moment use reason to examine the concept, and accept the fact that the resources put into the study of evolution allow for the presentation of the materials you want, then it is no stretch that the guest you cross examined came up short.

The fact that evolution is all a mathamatical conjecture about the past based on presnt models and theorys about how this or that deposits at such and such date, or time or rate is not in and of it-self proof that the THEORY is true.Phylosophy is the sphere oh truth( Epistemology ), not science.

I feel that if one applies the scietific method of testing for fact, that evolution comes up sadly short. don't get me wrong, one can test many modles and calculate many things that under PRESENT conditions is true, but that only in reality prooves that in the PRESENT conditions is it true. Not the past which is long gone.

Now inteligent design may be a notion that religious people want desperatly to be true, if only to not have to justify there faith at every turn, but how are the actions of the religious people unlike those of scientists? Both BELIEVE the "evidence they see around them tobe proof of their belief. A scientist who believes that evolution has been prooven time and again through studies of structural addaptation, sediment deposits, carbn deposits to verify times or genetic similarities it still means he is focused on what he sees as evidence that can be argued as relevent and it influenced his life. A person who believes in inteligent design way believe that the symetry and perfection of nature has never been duplicated by science, or that the gray matter in the brain which has never been understood by the leading scientists of the world can be the origin of all the creations we as a race have made, or how our best science cannot explain how two seperate people who sky-dive and land in fields and one is physically shatered and the other is able to walk away. to some one of faith this is evidence.

For those to stuborn to be open minded about the issue and feel that a more respected science must back up the findings of ID then how about THERMO-DYNAMICS ? This is the branch of physics dealing with the relations between heat and other forms of energy. The second law states that all matter spontainiously decays. Apply the scientific method to this and you get the same result every time with no veryence. Hence its status as a LAW and not just a theory. Evolution cannot boast that sort of result because much of its results are conjectures that depend on thousands of years of life which cannot be monitered.

If one were too examine some of the arguements between Thermo-Dynamicists and Evolutionists one would find a bone with the second law. And it comes down to an issue of spontainious creation vs. spontainious decay. TD people feel the law is sound enough to withstand any and all scrutiny and that creation always has a catalyst that had an intentional goal in mind for its creation, where E peoples creative forces were hap hazard and random, except no creative force on earth that is observed is hap hazard or random. Infact cancer is a type of creation that is random and destructive. It even has a catalyst but with no purpose except to purge or destroy.

How about statistics? I'm no expert but a first year statistition could realize some thing as amazingly complex as the human brain or body or the smallest insect, could never be random or CHANCE. That is a statistical word. In fact if you went to a school gym and put a 1 on the wall and wrote small and put zeroes after it, after factering in all the circumstances in which would have to have been true for us to arrive at this moment that we are at when you are reading this, you would cover the walls from top to bottom. Think about it, we cannot replicate any evolution except on computers whic by their very nature are not doing anything other than calculating what we progam them with. However, If ID were true that would explain a hell of alot. It would also justify mans existence to now.

One of the first things my Gr. Twelve Bio. teacher taught us is that evolution is a theory which was made a standard because our text books needed a standard. not even 50% of scientists voted for it. How do you like that, scientific fact based on democracy!!!

Part of the problem was human nature. People are by nature sheep. That is not intended as a pesimistic comment either, only realistic. People also desiring the guidence traditionaly given them by religion now found another avenue to explain our existence. An interesting side affect to this is that if we are truly biologicaly evolved creatures that just happened to evolve, then there can be no right or wrong and it makes anything justified.

Surely it has and will be argued that that is a prpoterous arguement, however if we are come through some evolutionary chain and are just some animal then murder is just agressive instinct, and genocide is just survival of the fitest and child molestation is just like a lion who as king of the pride taking what is his to take,and human deppression is just animal anxiety at being restrained and confined. Truly evolution doesn't mix well with morality which for anyone in need of evidence will surely ofer up more than even the field of evolution can. For Man is a field that has been studied far more than evolution and the origin of spicies. Mankind is more than the end of a long line of causes and effects.



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