Sunday, September 26, 2004

Kramnik 1.5-Leko .5

With two games down in the World Chess Championship between Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Leko, Kramnik has jumped out to an early lead. He won with the black pieces in game one, which bodes ill indeed for Leko's chances. Twenty moves into a Petroff's Defense, Kramnik sacrificed his queen for a rook and bishop, thereby bringing about an endgame in which many of the grandmaster commentators felt Leko had a small edge. After some passive play by Leko, however, Kramnik was able to bring about a Q vs. 2 R situation (he had the rooks). His endgame technique was flawless, and he brought home the point. Game two was a quick draw. You can find more details over at The Week in Chess.

The rules are such that if the match ends in a tie, then Kramnik keeps his title. That means Leko will have to win at least two games out of the remaining twelve, while not losing any. A tall order, but not impossible.


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