Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Dennett-Ruse Affair

Michael Ruse and Daniel Dennett are two of the most prominent philosophers writing about issues related to evolution. It seems they have been engaging in a bit of e-mail correspondence on the side.

How do I know this? Because Ruse inexplicably sent the entire correspondence to William Dembski. I say this is inexplicable because there is no indication that Dennett consented to have his private e-mails made public. For Ruse to make public e-mails that were intended as part of a private correpsondence is an incredible breach of professional ethics.

Of course, it was also shameless of Dembski to publish the e-mails without asking Dennett first, but we already knew he lacks both scruples and conscience.

I have written before about the problems with Ruse's latest assertions and arguments. I have also written about my disagreements with some of his recent behavior, such as his decision to edit a book with William Dembski. But until this I had viewed him as someone I was happy to have on my side despite my differences with him.

But this crosses a line. Handing over private e-mails to someone Dennett surely would not have wanted to have them is obnoxious and petty. Not that Dennett comes off looking especially bad in the exchange. Compared to Ruse's profanity laden and semi-coherent rant in reply Dennett comes off looking quite good, actually. Still, I can't imagine why Ruse would do such a thing.

Let's consider some excerpts. Dennett writes:

I’m afraid you are being enlisted on the side of the forces of darkness. You may want to try to extricate yourself, since you are certainly losing ground fast in the evolutionary community that I am in touch with. As you will see, I do lump your coinage in with “reductionism” and “scientism” etc. and think you are doing a disservice to the cause of taking science seriously. Are you among the Wieseltiers? I’d like to think not, but you are certainly being pulled in by them.

The reference in the question near the end is to New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier, who wrote a nasty, and mostly inaccurate, review of Dennett's new book for the New York Times. I will probably blog about that review at a later date.

The fears about Ruse that Dennett is expressing here are hardly original to him. Over the past few years it has become obvious that Ruse is motivated by rather more than a desire to make good arguments about important subjects. Instead he seems more interested in self-promotion, which he achieves by tweaking the noses of both scientists and the ID folks. Dennett is quite right to worry that Ruse is becoming a tool of the ID folks he claims to be fighting against.

Meanwhile, the most interesting part of Ruse's reply is this:

Fifth, I think that you and Richard [Dawkins] are absolute disasters in the fight against intelligent design – we are losing this battle, not the least of which is the two new supreme court justices who are certainly going to vote to let it into classrooms – what we need is not knee-jerk atheism but serious grappling with the issues – neither of you are willing to study Christianity seriously and to engage with the ideas – it is just plain silly and grotesquely immoral to claim that Christianity is simply a force for evil, as Richard claims – more than this, we are in a fight, and we need to make allies in the fight, not simply alienate everyone of good will.

Now, I happen to share Dennett's and Dawkins' contemptuos attitude towards Christianity, but that's not the part I want to comment on. Rather, I want to challenge this idea that the atheism of Dawkins and Dennett hurts the cause of promoting quality science education.

This assertion is frequently made but it is never backed up with anything. Is it really true that the strident atheism of people like Dennett and Dawkins negatively influences the way people look at evolution? If that's true, it certainly paints a bleak picture of many religious people. If I argued that I would be symapthetic to evolution, except that I see people like Ken Miller, John Haught and Simon Conway Morris drawing theistic conclusions from it, I don't think Ruse would show me much respect. After all, evolution should sink or swim on the basis of the relevant evidence. If that evidence is strong, it should not matter what Dawkins or Dennett (or Haught or Miller or Conway Morris) thinks.

Arguing that strident atheism hurts the cause is remarkably condescending towards religious people. It's saying that they are too emotional to understand and think seriously about the evidence. It's saying that those people can't be expected to provide an honest assessment of the evidence because mean old Richard Dawkins made a snide remark about their religious views.

When I encounter people like Ken Miller or Simon Conway Morris I say simply that they are right about the science but wrong about the metaphysical stuff. Why can't religious people be expected to have the same reaction towards Dawkins and Dennett?

And when it comes to hurting the cause, I can't think of anything more harmful than Ruse running around trying to legitimize ID folks by editing books with them published by prestigious publishers. Why shouldn't a lay person conclude that there is a serious debate going on when a noted philosopher says that there is, and gets Cambridge University Press to back up the assertion. That's harmful.

Anyway, I hope Ruse comes to his senses soon. I have benefitted greatly from his writing in the past and every evolutionist will be grateful to him for his hard work as an expert witness in the 1982 Arkansas creationism trial.

At the end of his e-mail Ruse writes:

Ok, enough preaching for a Sunday – I really like you and Richard, but my liking for you and respect for what you two have done matters not a bit with respect to what I think that I, Michael Ruse, should do – I would be ashamed of myself if I thought and acted otherwise.

Indeed. I have never met Michael Ruse, but I suspect I would like him. But the fact remains that this sentiment leaves unchanged the fact that he has embarrassed himself repeatedly in the last few years. Hopefully he will, as Dennett suggests, be able to extricate himself shortly.


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dembski taught Ruse how to cash in.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Mooney seems to be of the opinion that Dennett's depiction of the theistic in "Breaking the Spell" crosses a line, too.

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading books by Michael Ruse. I am surprised and disappointed as regards his present behavour.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger coturnix said...

I stopped readng Ruse when 'Monad to Man' came out. It is about that time that I had the opporutnity to meet him (in a group setting at a party) and my subjective impression was that he is funny, personable... and an arrogant SOB.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger PZ Myers said...

By the way, Simon's last name is "Conway Morris" -- two words -- not just "Morris".

At 11:47 AM, Blogger lily palmerston said...

Actually Chris Mooney seemed more concerned with Dennet's fondness for the term "brights" than anything else. As for strident atheism, I can certainly see how one would characterize Dawkins as such. He himself would probably say "If strident means... then I guess I'm strident." But Dennet, in everything of his that I have read (Tho' I haven't read his latest) has kept the gloves on, and has refused to enter into any sweeping condemnations. He has instead preferred to look at pros and cons, and kept an open mind on the total worth or religion, or on the necessity of keeping it around (if only provisionally).

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Jason said...


Thanks for the correction. I have revised my entry accordingly.

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Doormat said...


Yes, I fully agree. If you read the comments at Mooney's site, there is a complaint that "Breaking the Spell" doesn't actually use the word "bright" much at all, and that Wieseltier is unfair in picking this up as a complaint. Mooney then goes on to complain about the word "bright" in and of itself (and I fully agree: it's a horrible word!)

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Kaita just spoke on "The Priveleged Planet" at my college last month, William Dembski himself is going to be here. I feel nauseous. Damn IV. Most of the crowd that turned up, luckily, was to grill Kaita, and hopefully the same will occur when Dembski visits.

Thankfully, attempts to get Brian Alters here are underway. There's no chance that you might like to come speak at TCNJ, is there, Jason...?!

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Greg L said...

Michael Ruse visited my alma mater when I was a senior, and my impression was much the same as coturnix's. He was clever, and a very good speaker, but a bit too cocksure for my taste.

And sharing those e-mails with Dembski...well that was just low.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to respond to your argument that strident atheist doesn't hurt evolution.

"Arguing that strident atheism hurts the cause is remarkably condescending towards religious people. It's saying that they are too emotional to understand and think seriously about the evidence. It's saying that those people can't be expected to provide an honest assessment of the evidence because mean old Richard Dawkins made a snide remark about their religious views."

Well...yeah. Exactly.

People are more likely to mobilize against something that they see as a threat. Rational or not, motivated people are more likely to convince indifferent people.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger beervolcano said...

Arguing that strident atheism hurts the cause is remarkably condescending towards religious people. It's saying that they are too emotional to understand and think seriously about the evidence.

But this is exactly it. The people who are very religious and don't buy the evidence of evolution are the people who do not form their opinions rationally. They form them emotionally based on how people make them feel while telling them things. If a preacher makes them feel smart while telling them evolution is crap, they believe it. If they feel safer or vindicated in their xenophobia when George Bush tells them them that we are hunting evildoers, they believe it.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Frank Atanassow said...

Jason, I find your argument inconsistent.

On one hand, you criticize Ruse for legitimizing ID by his association with it. On the other, you defend Dennett and Dawkins, saying that religious people can separate their opinions on evolution from their opinions on Dennett and Dawkins.

If D and D's arguments can stand on their own, then why can't Ruse's? And if atheists are more rational than theists, then surely atheists are at least as capable as theists of separating the man from his arguments.

Furthermore: Is it really true that the strident atheism of people like Dennett and Dawkins negatively influences the way people look at evolution? If that's true, it certainly paints a bleak picture of many religious people.

But isn't this exactly the picture D and D paint?

FWIW, I agree with beervolcano... and I hate "bright" too.

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"what we need is not knee-jerk atheism but serious grappling with the issues – neither of you are willing to study Christianity seriously and to engage with the ideas" - Ruse to Dennett

this is, I think, one of Ruse's problems with Dennett and Dawkins. In nothing I have read from either 'D' do they show the least bit of engagement with real Christian theology. At best they give simplistic definitions of faith and religion - both terms which many philosophers of religion, both theist and atheist, give much more substance to - see William Alston or Nicholas Wolterstorff for instance. Dawkins regularly goes against some theologians here in Oxford - Keith Ward for one - but never seems to have read anything Ward has written. Bad form really, and this is what irritates theists.

I think the atheist/neo-darwinist cause won't really win unless it deals with the heights, not the dross, of religious thinking

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Jason said...


I'm afraid I don't understand the inconsistency you think you have found.

I'm criticizing Ruse because the mere fact that an academic of his stature would give credence to the idea that there is a legitimate debate between evolution and ID can only aid the ID camp. This aid exists independently of the strengths or weaknesses of any arguments Ruse is making.

My argument regarding Dennett and Dawkins is that if it's true that their outspoken atheism is scaring away potential evolution supporters then that reflects badly on religious people. The question of belief in God is entirely spearate from the question of whether evolution is true. On top of that, Dennett and Dawkins are hardly the only source of information about evolution.

I see nothing inconsistent in those two claims.


I'm afraid I only just noticed your remark about speaking at TCNJ. In principle I'd be very interested in giving a talk at your school. As I recall, TCNJ is not terribly far from where I grew up. (Er, we are talking about The College of New Jersey, right?)


I have read Keith Ward, as well as people like John Polkinghorne, Arthur Peacocke and John Haught. In terms of the strength of their arguments, I don't think they represent much of an improvement over the fundamentalists. In fact, in some ways they are worse, since it feels like any time they start talking about God they are simply making it up as they go along. At least the fundamentalists base their arguments unambiguously on the text of the Bible. Also, I'm willing to bet that both Dawkins and Dennett are quite well-read on what you refer to as the height of religious thinking

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Jillian said...

IIRC, Dembski recently posted a scan of a check that Ruse got for writing an article on the evolution/ID "debate" for Playboy. The check was for several thousand dollars, and the comment Ruse attached to it was that "intelligent design was very, very good [for Ruse]".

Ruse has become a total hack over the last decade or so - it seems like he's in it for the money and the trash-talking rights more than the science *or* the philosophy (both fields reflecting rather poorly on the ID advocates, after all).

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the rare misfortune of participating in a Ph.D. seminar course led by Ruse (along with another professor of philosophy). Ability and accomplishments notwithstanding, the man is is a rude, obnoxious, disparaging pig.

At 4:51 AM, Blogger cnocspeireag said...

I'm amazed that you describe Richard Dawkins' atheism as 'strident'. He always seems thoughtful and urbane.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous arithmoquine said...

One more piece of evidence for the complaint that Ruse is capitalizing on the manufactured controversy around ID is that he titled his latest book, "Darwinism and Its Discontents". That's the sort of title one gives to a controversial or perhaps even falsified position. There's not much of substance in the book--it's mostly a popular exposition on evolution with some reference to a few recent controversies--and it does not undermine the theory of evolution. So, why the title? Presumably to sell more books at the expense of letting people think that are significant controversies about the truth of "Darwinism". (If Ruse didn't pick or agree to the title, that would undermine this observation as evidence.)

A more general point: I don't really follow the criticism that New Atheists such as Dawkins do not adequately engage the intellectually elite theists. Dawkins wrote a popular book for a popular audience. I just don't see how addressing an obscure theologian's argument would make much sense in that context. On the question of whether there are intellectually respectable theologians or theist philosophers, I can say that it is hard to find a respectable philosopher whose critical faculties don't appear compromised when they discuss theism (e.g. Alvin Plantinga's "When Faith and Reason Clash" or Peter van Inwagen's 'Body Snatcher' view of God as an attempt to make reward in heaven compatible with physicalism). All things considered, D&D do fairly well at addressing popular conceptions of religion for popular works. To ask them to do more is really to ask them to write academic rather than popular books.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Diego said...

"and my subjective impression was that he is funny, personable... and an arrogant SOB."

Coturnix, I've met him a number of times, and I agree.

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