Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fiction from AgapePress

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has filed suit against the University of California system for alleged viewpoint discrimination. This is the result of a decision by UC to not give college credit for science classes taught from a creationist perspective, among other things.

Here's a brief description of the suit from Yahoo News:

A group representing California religious schools has filed a lawsuit accusing the University of California system of discriminating against high schools that teach creationism and other conservative Christian viewpoints.

The Association of Christian Schools International, which represents more than 800 schools, filed a federal lawsuit Thursday claiming UC admissions officials have refused to certify high school science courses that use textbooks challenging Darwin's theory of evolution. Other rejected courses include “Christianity's Influence in American History.”

Quite a few other bloggers have already weighed in. See Mike Dunford's excellent posts: here, here, and here.

Also have a look Ed Brayton's commentary on the subject here, here, and here.

Of course, you should only follow those links if you're interested in sensible commentary and factual reporting on the subject. If you prefer your news with a healthy dose of fantasy, check out what AgapePress has to say on the subject:

The University of California system is being sued for alleged viewpoint and content discrimination against Christian school instruction and textbooks.

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which represents more than 800 schools worldwide, has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a University of California policy that bars students taught from a conservative Christian viewpoint from being admitted to schools in the UC system. The suit accuses the university system of violating the free-speech rights of Christian students.

Total nonsense. No one is being barred from admission to the UC system based on the religious content of their high school education. UC has simply made the entirely correct decision to deny college credit for classes based on religious poppycock. Indeed, it would have been unethical for UC to have made any other decision.

In fairness, the article switches gears and gets it right in the next paragraph:

Wendell Bird, an attorney for ACSI, says UC admissions officials have told Christian schools that several courses taught from a Christian perspective -- subjects such as English, science, history, and social studies -- no longer qualify for credit.


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason - if you know of any groups that are planning amici filings in this case, please let me know. I'm a practicing attorney and would be willing to donate some of my time and skills pro bono to defeating this bogus claim.

I'm at sanjiv at sarwate dot net.


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