Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Conservative gets it Right on Global Warming!

Here'a sentence I never thought I'd type: A columnist for Town Hall actually said something sensible about global warming. The columnist is Kathleen Parker, and her column can be found here.

Here are two excerpts:

Despite opinions that differ by diminishing degrees, the growing consensus is that global warming is real and that man is at least in part responsible. The only debatable points are the extent to which the Earth is heating up and what should be done about it.

And later:

Skeptics nevertheless hold sway among legislative and regulatory bodies. In the absence of unanimity, and given the certainty that politics has damaged the integrity of debate, we might resort to common sense. Given a growing body of evidence that:

- Earth is getting warmer, contributing to weather changes and other well-documented events; and that,

- Man is contributing to global warming by driving gas-guzzling cars (projections are that the number of active cars will increase from 800 million today to 3.25 billion by 2050, thanks mostly to India and China), and by burning coal (half of the electricity generated in the United States and 40 percent of the world's comes from coal);

- And assuming that reducing emissions would reduce warming trends as well as minimize our reliance on foreign oil, some of which finances terrorism . wouldn't it make sublime sense to err on the side of conservation? To provide incentives to produce and buy hybrid cars that get 40 miles per gallon? To offer companies incentives for seeking alternative energy sources?


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Don Sheffler said...

Not quite off-topic:

What do you suppose young earth creationists figure is the source of all those "fossil fuels" that have been pumped out of the earth at millions and millions of barrells a day for decades on end?

How many dinosaurs (and other flora & fauna), for how many millenia, would it take to fill the bowels of the earth with all that crude?

Just one of those random Friday thoughts.

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