Sunday, January 30, 2005

It was an Op-Ed, Not an Article

Here's Discoevery Institute blogger John West opening his own blog entry on the subject:

Today's Wall Street Journal is running a shocking article reporting on an alleged campaign of harassment and intimidation by Darwinists at the taxpayer-funded Smithsonian Institution.

As anyone who reads the Wall Street Journal knows, there is a big difference between the news section and the editorial section. The former is one of the best news divisions in the country. The latter is cartoonishly right-wing and unreliable. It was just an honest bit of carelessness by Mr. West to confuse the two, right?

And here's Wests's closing:

And people wonder why some scientists are afraid to openly express their skepticism of Darwin's theory?

You can openly express your skepticism all you want. Just don't embarrass the people you work for by abusing their trust. Don't use the journal you edit as a platform for promoting poor scholarship.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh. I'm an agnostic, pro-science, skeptic, reasonably well-educated, who frequently has arguments with born-again fundamentalist relatives about Creationism (which is why I found your blog).

And the battle between fundamentalists (of different stripes) and the rest of us is huge.

But I also voted for Bush recently (though not the first time). I sometimes read the Wall Street Journal Op-ed page -- I would certainly agree that it's unreliable, but I don't find it (always) "cartoonishly right-wing". I also try not to sneer at the red states or at people who take their religion seriously.

My feeling about the Iraqi elections: Way to go Iraqis! I don't even care whether Bush deserves any credit to date, and hope nobody considers this a done deal. But I can see the election as an unmitigated Good Thing.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I wish this really were an *Evolutionblog*, without tiresome sniping at Bush, red states, and the WSJ. If we want that, we can go to Kos or DemocraticUnderground or whatever.

There are plenty in red states who understand and accept evolution -- and more worryingly, plenty here in blue states who don't. Please... stick to evolution, which needs our total support.


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