Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Taking Ham to Task

Dedicated creationist-watchers will be well-familiar with the antics of Answers in Genesis leader Ken Ham. Ham's writings combine maximum scientific ignorance with maximum viciousness towards dissenters from his particular brand of fundamentalist Christianity. Like many creationists, he especially despises theistic evolutionists and old-Earth creationists for their compromises with modernity.

So it is nice to see the Chrisitan blog Reasons Why take Ham to task for some especially venemous remarks about defenders of the old-Earth view:

Ken Ham, the proprietor of Answers In Genesis, sends out a little love towards his opponents in the “old earth” camp. Keep in mind these are fellow believers he's talking about :
In Numbers 22–24 we read how the Moabite King Balak tried to get Balaam to curse the people of Israel, to destroy their effectiveness in warfare. However, God would not allow Balaam to do this. But in Numbers 25, we read that the Israelites sinned against God and so God judged them accordingly—thousands died. What caused this?
Balaam wanted God to be angry with the people of Israel, so he advised Balak to get some of the most beautiful women in his kingdom to draw the men of Israel into unclean and idolatrous practices.

Balaam knew that if the Israelites adopted pagan ways, God would not bless them as He had done. And so, the Israelites let the pagans influence them, instead of standing firm on the sure Word of God and His Holy Law! Satan has used this ‘trick’ time and time again. The church at Pergamos had committed spiritual ‘fornication’ in allowing people to compromise the Word of God—allowing pagan ideas to be adopted into the church. 2 Peter 2:15 and Jude 11 also refer to people who have rebelled against God and are compared to Balaam.

Now what has all this to do with millions and billions of years? I believe Satan has used the same trick on the church today, as many Christian leaders have committed a form of ‘spiritual fornication’ in compromising with the world and thus have undermined the authority of the Word of the living God.”

(from Millions of years and the 'doctrine of Balaam')

Contrary to what Mr. Ham thinks, most old-earthers are very serious about interpreting God's word correctly. These are not heretics who deny the essentials of the faith. Rather, they are very concerned with seeing that the witness of creation and the witness of God's Word line up with each other. Could the old-earthers be wrong? Yes, definitely. But that does not mean that they are commiting “spiritual fornication” or compromising with pagan ideas.

Ken Ham should be ashamed of himself.



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