Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Meyer Fiasco, III

Some readers might be wondering how someone with solid creationist credentials managed to become the editor of a reputable journal. The answer is that there is no litmus test for becoming the editor of a journal. I know little about Sternberg's credentials, but I suspect his record of scientific accomplishment is solid enough, if not extraordinary. The fact that he has creationist sympathies is neither nere nor there in assessing his qualifications to serve as editor. It is one more counterexample to the creationist delusion that the scientific establishment is engaged in conspiracies against them.

On the other hand, now that it is clear that Sternberg broke protocol to get an article published that was inappropriate for the journal (a paper that almost certainly would not have survived any honest referreeing process), it will be interesting to see how other creationists react to this. Will they be forthright and criticize Sternberg for abusing his position this way? Will they protest that they want their ideas to compete fairly, no more and no less, in the scientific marketplace? I'm not holding my breath.


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