Sunday, August 08, 2004

My Neck of the Woods

Glenn Branch of the NCSE has called my attention to this disturbing article, from the Richmond Times Dispatch:

A Madison County School Board member has made a plea to his colleagues to include creationist teachings in the life-sciences classroom.

C. Douglas Farmer, a third-year board member and ordained Baptist pastor, said creation by divine order should be considered as much of a science as evolution, given equal classroom teaching time and offered to students in an insert in the life-sciences textbook.

“If we're going to approve textbooks that are biased toward evolution, there should be some sort of appendix glued in the front cover that emphasizes or points out that this text seems to be slanted toward the origin of species as strongly supporting evolution,” he said.

He would like a committee formed to study the legality of such a move, but the School Board unanimously approved a new science textbook without an insert and has not discussed forming a committee on the matter.

That quote in the third paragraph doesn't actually make any sense, but I think his intention is clear enough.

I've not been able to find any follow-up to this article, but I'll be keeping an eye on this.