Monday, August 02, 2004

Around the Blogs

The blogosphere is vast indeed. Which means that on days like today, when I find myself at a loss for new material, I can simply mooch off of my fellow bloggers.

Ed Brayton has produced a fine response to this bit of anti-evolution nonsense. This particular bit of nonsense appeared at the oxymoronically named website Intellectual Conservative. Ed also has a follow-up post on this subject here.

Pharyngula has this report on his encounter with Young-Earth creationist Paul Nelson at a recent conference run by the Society for Developmental Biology. Nelson presented a poster at the event in which he argued, well, actually, it's not so clear what he was arguing exactly. Nelson is just about the only creationist who makes some effort at presenting his ideas in legitimate scientific venues, but Pharyngula does a good job of showing why creo's don't do well in such situations.

Sadly, pseudoscience isn't just confined to biology. One of the worst science writers in the business these days is The New Republic's Gregg Easterbrook. In the past he has written pro-ID articles for The Wall Street Journal and has defended Bush's record on environmental issues. Now he is bashing Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang theory, and physicists generally. Sadly, the full article is only available to subscribers, but blogger Brad DeLong provides copious quotes, with excellent rebuttals, here.