Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fischer Update

According to this brief report from The New York Times, Bobby Fischer is seeking asylum from any country that will take him. Fischer was detained at a Japanese airport on Sunday. He was travelling with an invalid passport. The Japanese authorities decided to deport him, pending the outcome of various appeals.

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer has appealed Japanese plans to deport him to the United States and hopes to find political asylum in a third country, a friends said Wednesday.

Fischer was detained by Japanese immigration officials last week after trying to leave the country for the Philippines. Officials say his passport was invalid, and on Tuesday confirmed that he was being processed for deportation.

Fischer is wanted in the United States for playing a rematch against Soviet world champion Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992. Yugoslavia was under international sanctions at the time, and U.S. citizens were banned from doing business there.

Please note: The articel incorrectly states that Fischer lost the title of world champion in 1978. The correct year is 1975.