Monday, June 21, 2004

Kerry on Science Funding From the AP comes this short article about John Kerry's stand on science funding. The willingness of the Bush administration to hamper scientific research to appease the religious right is well-documentd. This willingness led 48 Nobel Laureates to endorse Kerry for President. Here's an excerpt:

The Bush administration places `“politics over science to please their right-wing constituency,” the Kerry campaign said.

The administration, according to a campaign statement, removed information about global warming from a 2003 Environmental Protection Agency report; ordered changes to a report that described damage that would be caused by drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; and deleted information about condoms from government Web sites.

“The administration has proposed cuts for scientific research and grossly distorted and politicized science on issues from mercury pollution to stem cell research,” the campaign said. “This approach not only limits the research that our scientists are doing today, it undermines important discoveries of tomorrow and threatens America's critical edge in innovation.”

In a letter endorsing Kerry, 48 scientists who have won the Nobel Prize said the Bush administration is undermining the nation's future by impeding medical advances, turning away scientific talent with its immigration practices, and ignoring scientific consensus on global warning and other critical issues.