Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Comments The readers of The Panda's Thumb have made some interesting comments on yesterday's post.

Reader Dene Bebbington has directed me to this page at the creationist website Answers in Genesis at which Kelly Hollowell's qualifications are listed in more detail. (Hollowell was the author of the column I was responding to in yesterday's post). According to AiG, Hollowell's PhD is from the University of Miami. Hardly Ivy League, but respectable nonetheless. I'm surprised Hollowell didn't mention this fact in her Science Ministries bio.

Along the same lines, reader Dan Someone provides this link to Hollowell's (then Kelly Bodden) PhD thesis listing in the University of Miami library.

Steve Reuland points out that acceptance of evolution is far higher in Europe and East Asia, but both of those regions have far less violent crime than we do. An excellent point, Steve! Rest assured I would have made that point myself, if, er, I had thought of it.

Concerning the rocket mentioned in Hollowell's article, several readers filled in some information there. Loren Petrich provided this highly useful link that lays out the basic information. Many thanks!


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