Monday, March 08, 2004

Patrick Henry College? Just in case you're in too good a mood today, here's a thoroughly depressing article from the New York Times. The article is about Patrick henry College, a right-wing Chrisitian college established explicitly for home-schooled students. The article describes how the college serves in large part as a conduit into conservative politics:

As one of 12 siblings taught at home by their parents in St. Croix Falls, Wis., Abram Olmstead knew he would fit right in at Patrick Henry College, the first college primarily for evangelical Christian home-schoolers. But what really sold him was the school's pipeline into conservative politics.

Of the nearly 100 interns working in the White House this semester, 7 are from the roughly 240 students enrolled in the four-year-old Patrick Henry College, in Purcellville. An eighth intern works for the president's re-election campaign. A former Patrick Henry intern now works on the paid staff of the president's top political adviser, Karl Rove. Over the last four years, 22 conservative members of Congress have employed one or more Patrick Henry interns in their offices or on their campaigns, according to the school's records.

"I would definitely like to be active in the government of our country and stuff," Mr. Olmstead, 19, said as he sat in a Christian coffeehouse near the campus, looking up from a copy of Plato's "Republic." "I would love to be able to be a foreign ambassador, and I would really like to move into the Senate later in my career."

The college's knack for political job placement testifies to the increasing influence that Christian home-schooling families are building within the conservative movement. Only about half a million families around the country home-school their children and only about two-thirds identify themselves as evangelical Christians, home-schooling advocates say. But they have passionate political views, a close-knit grass-roots network and the financial support of a handful of wealthy patrons. For all those reasons, home-schoolers have captured the attention of a wide swath of conservative politicians, many of whom are eager to hire Patrick Henry students.

The article only gets more depressing from here.

So let's see if we understand the situation. The Christian home-schooling movement started as a way for fundamentalist parents to "protect" their kids from the pernicious influences of sex ed, religious tolerance, and evolution. Not content with brainwashing their kids from birth through their teenage years, they then pack them off to a college where the brainwashing will continue. Picture Warren Beatty in The Parallax View.

And what does a throughly brainwashed, know-nothing, 22-year old, ignoramous do with his total lack of marketable skills? Serve his right-wing masters with a level of zeal and arrogance attained only by the deeply ignorant, of course. Lovely.


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least these "brain-washed, know nothing" kids "know" how to spell!! Check your first paragraph Jason!

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous hoover666 said...

Sad way to combat an argument, picking someone up on a simple typo.


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