Thursday, March 18, 2004

More Ravings from Colson Here's another bit of insanity from Charles Colson. In it, he parrots the old charge that scientists allow philosophical presuppositions to blind themselves to the reality of God.

He actually gets off to a decent start with:

Many scientists do believe that the universe is self-existent—that God is not necessary—and that life is the result of chance occurrences. They believe this, not for scientific reasons, but for philosophical ones. They are committed to a philosophy called naturalism.

I number myself among the scientists who believe that. I would quibble with the term "committed", since I can imagine all manner of possible occurrences that would prompt me to abandon naturalism as a way of looking at the world.

But creationists like Colson are physically incapable of writing four consecutive sentences without saying something loony. Colson next says:

Naturalism seeks to understand the world and life itself through natural cause and effect alone. In fact, naturalism argues that only things that can be empirically verified—known with the five senses—are real. God, goodness, beauty, even human consciousness itself (as more than a series of electrochemical reactions) simply go out the window.

Huh? I'll put my sense of beauty against that of a Philistine like Colson any day of the week. The love of a parent for a child can not be empirically verified, but there is not a naturalist in the world who doesn't believe it is real. This is a classic example of creationists using fancy terminology without having the slightest idea of what it means. What Colson describes, to the extent that it matches any well-known school of philosophical though, is logical positivism. Not naturalism. Since no one actually holds the views Colson describes, this statement should be dismissed as just another creationist strawman.

Colson's ravings on the nefarious motives of modern cosmologists ("Supplanting God is often the motivation in the search for a unified theory," he writes.) also make for interesting reading. Follow the link if you are interested.


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