Wednesday, March 10, 2004

ID Blitz Continues The ID media blitz continues. Today it's the Cincinnati Enquirer, which published this charming editorial by ID propagandist Benjamin Wiker. It's the usual litany of false claims and misleading rhetoric. Here's one example:

I also told the board about a book just published by MIT press, The Origination of Organismal Form. This book critically analyzes many of the key claims of neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory, the standard textbook theory. Its two lead authors, the Viennese biologist Gurd M?ller and Yale biologist Stuart Newman, conclude that the problem that Darwin set out to solve in 1859 - namely, how fundamentally new forms of life arise - remains unsolved.

M?ller and Newman list four tables of open questions and unsolved problems in evolutionary biology. As it happens, many of these questions and problems are addressed directly in the model curriculum's lesson plan on the critical analysis of evolution. M?ller and Newman have nothing to do with Intelligent Design. I doubt they have even heard of it.

This is another standard ID ploy. They find places where there is genuine controversy among scientists, and then use that as evidence that evolution generally is collapsing. The questions cited in the book Wiker mentions are unsolved in the sense that there are many possible answers to them, but too little evidence for making a determination at this time. The ID people want to give the impression that they are fundamentally unanswerable without invoking miracles. That is a fundamentally different thing.


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