Monday, March 08, 2004

Home-Schoolers in Wichita On the subject of home-schooling, I am reminded of a home-schoolers conference I attended in Wichita a while back. All of the keynote speakers at the conference were noted creationists. All of them explained in lurid detail how evolution, sometimes falsely presented as a scientific theory developed by Charles Darwin in the mid-ninteenth century, is actually a pernicious religious doctrine based on hostility to God that goes back to the fall of Adam.

There were numerous booths set-up for parents to pick up the latest in home-school textbooks and materials. Most of these volumes preached the most ridiculous styles of know-nothingism; making a virtue out of blind loyalty to the Bible. There's something disturbing about the idea of parents being able to keep their children out of school and teach them literally anything it occurs to them to teach. Can you imagine if everyone did this?

Incidentally, I recognize that fundamentalists make up only about two-thirds of all home schoolers. I have no quarrel with the other one-third, most of whom have perfectly sensible reasons for home-schooling that have nothing to do with indoctrinating their kids into whatever species of boneheadedness they happen to find appealing.

But those other two-thirds, I firmly believe, are dangerous.


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