Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Eloquent Letter As far as I can tell, the Kansas City Star has not published any replies to the pro-ID editorial I reported on yesterday. I sent them a letter a myself, but have received no reply.

However, I did come across the following letter in reply to an earlier, pro-creationist letter writer:

Brian Casey's letter (3/2) is an eloquent statement of the neo-creationist view that “evolution happens,” but that “it is irrefutable that our creator God gave birth to life.”

However, he misses the point that the “irrefutable” nature of his statement is precisely what excludes it from the realm of science.

The potential for refutation is what distinguishes scientific hypotheses from those in the less restrictive realms of philosophy and religion.

He also points out that we currently lack rational explanations for some observations of the physical universe. Science sees this as an opportunity for further investigation, but Mr. Casey would have us use it as evidence for divine intervention. History shows that such circumstances are much more likely to reflect human ignorance than the hand of God.

Religious faith can certainly inform our view of the meaning of human existence, but our understanding of the natural world will be muddied in myriad ways by the inclusion of Mr. Casey's “design” argument in the realm of science. Such is the goal of the bill currently before the Missouri legislature (HB 911).

Doug Law

Well said, Mr. Law.


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