Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Bush on Creationism Unsurprisingly, Bush has a soft spot for Creationism, as reported in this 2000 press release:

On 11/04/99 the L.A. Times published a press release from Reuters from the day before.

"L.A. Times, Thursday, 11/4/99, p. A35. Bush Sees Place for Teaching on Creation. From Reuters "Wilmington, Del. -- Republican presidential front-runner George W. Bush said Wednesday that he thinks schools should teach 'different forms of how the world was formed,' with evolution taught alongside creationism.

"The Texas governor, visiting Delaware for a round of fund-raising and campaigning, said he supports 'morality-based' education in public schools.

"I have absolutely no problem with children learning different forms of how the world was formed,' said Bush, adding that he thinks it is for local school districts to decide curriculum."


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