Friday, January 30, 2004

Evolution in Georgia The Superintendant of Schools in Georgia, Kathy Cox, has announced revisions in the state biology curriculum. The word "evolution" has been removed because, in the words of Ms. Cox, "evolution is a buzzword that causes a lot of negative reaction." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the full story here.

Of course, "Evolution" is a buzzword only in the sense that "Gravity" is a buzzword in physics or "Calculus" is a buzzword in math. Further remarks, described in the article, make it clear that Ms. Cox wants to introduce "Intelligent Design" theory into Georgia's science classrooms. This is the sort of nonsense that ensues when really ignorant people are nonetheless allowed to vote.

In a related story, former president and Georgia resident Jimmy Carter has unambiguously condemned the decision. That story can be found here.

Finally, the paper has already posted several letters concerning this issue. Follow this link and scroll down a bit. My favorite letter came from Barry Palevitz, Professor of Biology at the University of Georgia, who said that if the proposed changes go through he will recommend that UGA not give any advanced placement credit in biology to students coming out of Georgia's high schools. If the state of Georgia sees fit to give students a watered-down, caricatured version of biology then UGA will have to undo the damage at the college level.


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