Friday, April 18, 2003

Two From the Times Check out this article from The New York Times today. It describes the effects of the recent hostilities in the Middle East on the work of American scholars. Iraq and Pakistan, for example, house some of the richest fossil beds on Earth; an invaluable resource for paleontologists. The best examples of transitional forms linking whales to land animals (fossils which provide a convenient counterexample to creationist claims that there are no transitional forms) were found in the Middle East. And, obviously, the entire area is a treasure trove for archaeologists. On top of this, many of Iraq's historical treasures have been looted in the days following the war. Of course, the inability of a few scholars to carry out their research does not compare to the suffering of the Iraqi people, first under Saddam Hussein and now under the current wave of anarchy. But it does provide another perspective on the goings-on in that part of the world.

And while you're at the Times website, don't miss Paul Krugman's latest column here. He discusses the bogus environmental efforts of the Bush administration.


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