Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Right-Wing Liars Check out this article from Salon today. It describes a recent Wall Street Journal editorial in which writer Dorothy Rabinowitz attributed a quote to liberal pundit Roger Wilkins. In her column, Rabinowitz wrote:

"The most interesting concern thus far," Rabinowitz wrote, "came from commentator Roger Wilkins, who mused on the Lehrer show that the journalists would get too close and feel for the military men who would seem to them, after all, to be 'fellow human beings.'"

This was allegedly said on a recent broadcast of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Also included in the article was a pull-quote reading, "One critic worried that reporters might come to view the military as fellow human beings."

The trouble is that neither Wilkins, nor any other panelist, said any such thing. One more piece of evidence that today's rabidly right-wing pundits are not above making things up to promote their viewpoint.


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